What is COVID-19? Short Summery From Symptoms to Treatment

What is COVID-19? Short Summery From Symptoms to Treatment

COVID – 19

Family: Corona Virus

ssRNA Genome

Ranges From: “Common cold to Middle east Resp Syndrome Severe Acute.”

Zoonotic Disease: Especially from civet cats, camels, and bets.

Incubation Period: 2-12 days (Average 5 days)

Clinical Features: Range from no symptoms (asymptomatic) to severe pneumonia and death.

Ssymptoms in decreasing order: 

  •    Fever
  •    Dry cough
  •    Fatigue
  •      Sputum production
  •      Shortness of Breath
  •      Myalgia or Arthralgia
  •      Sore throat
  •      Headache
  •      Chills
  •      Nausea and Vomiting
  •      Nasal Congestion
  •      Diarrhea
  •      Hemoptysis·         
  •    Conjunctive Congestion

Average of 5 to 6 symptoms are found in a person.

Who has affected the most/ Population at more risk?

1 Immuno Compromised Individuals

      Old Age

    Chronic disorders

· Bronchial Asthma

· Diabetes

· Cardiovascular Patients

Spreading of Corona Virus:

Droplets infection (cough and sneeze)

Surfaces (Table Desk etc.)

Corona Virus Test (CT Chest)

Pathogenesis- How Virus transfer into another body?

The unique feature of this virus is it cause both upper respiratory tract infection and lower respiration.

Viruses attach to specific cellular receptors via the spike protein.

Transformational change leading to a fusion between the viral & cell membrane.

 Release of the nucleocapsid into the cell.

 Alteration pf DNA and Production of proteins and certain specific enzymes.

Release of excess Cytokines and Chemokines.

Acute Phase Reactants

Cause of death in Corona Virus is due to complications/effects caused by cytokine storm syndrome


Till now, nothing has been postulated officially yet. Hospitalization only for severe cases.

Supportive treatment:

Maintain airways, breathing, Circulation

Ventilation of required (If PO2 < 55%)

Isolation (to prevent spread)

Correction of electrolyte imbalance

Be in a little warm temperature

What Medicines can be used for COVID-19?

These are two drugs that can be used


-ANAKINARA ( against effects of cytokine storm)

-Remdesivir (in the spotlight these for its effect shown)

 Lopinavir/Ritonavir (HIV)


Other Anti Material such as hydronic chloroquine also showed results.

There is no certain specific treatment protocol published by WHO/